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 Gisele's childhood

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PostSubject: Gisele's childhood   Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:09 am

She was born on July 20, 1980. Weighing 2.700kg. She didn't come alone, she came with her twin sister, Patricia.
Playing with her sisters and the kids from her neighborhood in the doll house, or hide n‘ seek in the street were her favorites hobbies. In the doll house, they used to pretend they were in class; preparing food; and also playing with dolls, of course. Since there were 6 of them, all girls, you can imagine how many dolls they used to have!
During her childhood she also used to do ballet and practice gymnastics and athletics. And volleyball. Of course! She has always been obsessed with this sport, and she used to call herself "Ana Mozer" (a great Brazilian volleyball player).
There are a lot of good memories about her childhood and adolescence that are always with her: Milking the cows and picking up eggs on her grandmother‘s little farm; her house all ornamented for Christmas with little socks hanging over the fireplace for each one of them (for the ones who don‘t know, she has 5 wonderful sisters); the big sand castles which they enjoyed both building and destroying afterwards; and their performance of the Paquitas‘ cover band (Paquitas were a group of singers from a Brazilian TV children‘s program which was presented by Xuxa - the most famous TV personality at the time). "It was wonderful to have the opportunity to grow up in the countryside. I was a really happy child."-says Gisele.
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Gisele's childhood
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