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 Gisele's teens

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PostSubject: Gisele's teens   Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:14 am

As a teenager, Gisele dreamed of becoming a volleyball player on the Brazilian all-star team.
As a child, she always had a habit of fiddling with people‘s hair, especially her own. She could be drinking milk from her bottle or simply sitting on her parent's lap. She would always play with their hair right away. Sometimes, during their car trips sitting in the back seat, she would fiddle with the hair of those who were sitting in the front.
Her favorite dessert is chocolate or vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge. "Well, everything that has chocolate in it. I‘ve got to admit: I have always been a "chocoholic"."-says Gisele.
Favorite food - "If I have to choose from lasagna; my mom‘s soup with pastry and cream chicken; and my Dad‘s barbecue or steak with cheese, I pick them all. I can‘t choose. All of them have been my favorite dishes. There‘s nothing in the world like homemade food prepared by my parents."
A memorable fact that she has from her childhood is Pati‘s pneumonia that put her in the hospital for a long time. The thought of losing her twin sister made her shiver. It was the saddest moment in her whole life. Another milestone in her life was leaving home at the age of 14 to work in São Paulo as a model. She was even mugged in the subway.
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Gisele's teens
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